11.8 x 3.9 x 0.6 inches
4.6 ounces
Evil Eye
Ana Sayfa

Erbulus Elephant and Glass Blue Evil Eye Wall Hanging – Turkish Nazar Bead Home Protection Charm - Blue Elephant Hanging Ornaments - Wall Decor Amulet

Evil Eye

  • It brings you luck, power, and success and protects you from bad energy. The evil eye bead is used to expel from your body the negative energy that envious people emanate.
  • The elephant figures that are lined from largest to smallest are made of metal while the beads are made of glass.-According to some beliefs, when you are in the influence of bad energy and evil, the evil eye bead cracks or breaks. That way you get rid of this negative energy. You can use the eye beads whose raw material is glass as décor all over your home.
  • Dimensions: Length; 11.8”(30cm), Width; 3.93”(10cm). You can conveniently hang it anywhere in your office or home. This product, which can also be used as a décorpiece, protects you and your surroundings from bad luck and evil energy. The elephant figure brings abundance, power and success. Because they are believed to bring success and abundance, elephant figures are often used as wall décor in offices and homes.
  • A decorative talisman people who want to buy a new home often hang elephant figures on their walls with the belief that doing so helps in achieving their goal. You can it to protect your newborn children from evil, yourself from envious eyes, and your property from bad energy.
  • Can be gifted. The elephant figure will help usher in more success and good fortunes.