Turkish & Ottoman Tray Series

Serving trays with handmade motifs and coated with copper, silver and gold is one of the serving tools made in the Ottoman period used in Ottoman palaces. In addition to kitchen utensils, these products were also used as decorative objects in Ottoman palaces. We offer these serving trays, which were used in Ottoman Palaces since the 16th century and used by craftsmen as a canvas to show their talents, you with the same texture.

Turkish Tray for Coffee

It is the most used serving tool in Turkish culture. Can be used for serving both modern and classic cups. Keep your coffee and tea sets conveniently shown in your kitchen.

Turkish Tray for Tea

It is preferred in traditional Turkish tea service. It is an essential accessory for a more elegant appearance in presentations.

And for decorative;

Available in many colors and styles, Erbulus Tray Set combine incredible craftsmanship with a wonderful look to provide you with an eye-catching and stylish accent piece.