Erbulus Blue Evil Eye – Large Wall Decor in a Box



• Evil Eye Idea: Evil eye bead, which is known as a protection in Turkish and Greek culture, protects you from bad luck and accumulate bad energy inside itself. It is also believed to break after a certain period of time.

• Material: The big evil eye is produced from glass, mini beads are plastic and metal parts are zinc. Made in Turkey.

• Design: The product is designed as a flower pattern. It is detailed with 32 pieces tiny evil eye with little hearts. Due to the fact that each product is handcrafted, there may be a slightly different hue and pattern difference among different products. The evil eyes are also not centered in the middle as each of our product is unique.

• Size & Color: Length 9.44” (24cm) x Width 6.3” (16cm). Evil eyes are blue and metal parts are silver colour.

• Perfect for Gift: Give decorative talisman and charm ornament to your loved ones. You can also use it as wall hanging decoration, amulet, blessing and protection for outdoor, interior door, office, home decor.

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Ağırlık 9.1 lbs
Boyutlar 9.45 × 6.3 × 0.39 in


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